Michael_VarenbutMichael Varenbut lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where he is currently serving on the board of directors at LiquiMedLock Inc., a medical compliance packaging company working to create safer, more tamper-proof packaging, especially for Methadone prescriptions.

Michael’s work in business began more than 25 years ago when, alongside his career in medicine, he was involved in founding and creating addiction treatment centers across Canada that would not only help those addicted to opioid pain relievers but also those with co-morbid conditions like hepatitis and HIV.

This was a driving force behind Michael Varenbut’s recent decision to return to school at Ivey Business School at Western University in London, Ontario to pursue his MBA, which he earned in the Spring of 2018. He is now combining his knowledge of business with his accomplished career in healthcare to help design safer and more sustainable product packaging for the healthcare sector.